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Dev Diary – character sheet v2

After a solo playtest and some refinements, this is the latest version of the pregen ‘adventurer log sheet‘ for The Aether Throne.

This, together with the intro rules and the solo online tutorial adventure, will form part of the ‘taster set’ for the game and setting.

Amazingly, someone in the industry whose work I have respected greatly for years has kindly offered to provide feedback and further testing on the game as it develops (as well as something even more exciting, which I will reveal in due course…)

But for now, here is the first page of the log sheet:

And here is the second:

Again, there may be further refinements to this, but hey – it’s all part of the development and testing process, and it’s continuing to be hugely enjoyable.

So, until next time, as always … look to the skies, citizen!

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