My tabletop roleplaying game scenarios are available to purchase and download on DriveThruRPG

The Pharaoh’s Sacrifice

My first Call of Cthulhu scenario, written during the Storytelling Collective’s Write Your First Adventure course.

Set in 1920s Edinburgh during the height of the ’Egyptomania’ craze, investigators uncover a nefarious and horrific plot that threatens all they hold dear.

You can purchase The Pharaoh’s Sacrifice here.

A Red, Red Rose

Set in Edinburgh in the 2020s, this Call of Cthulhu scenario sees investigators embroiled in a centuries-old conflict that is about to explode beneath the city’s streets.

Featuring haunted dolls, vampires and death metal, you can purchase A Red, Red Rose here.

The Burry Man

The follow-up to The Pharaoh’s Sacrifice, this 1920s scenario sees investigators looking into the disappearance of a young girl from the coastal town of South Queensferry on the eve of the annual Ferry Fair.

Soon, they find themselves racing against time to stop a terrible ritual which is due to take place on the Isle of May in the Firth of Forth. Deadly creatures from beneath the waves, malevolent ghosts and the schemes of murderous cultists attempt to make sure they don’t succeed.

The Burry Man is available to purchase here.

The True Housewives of Arkham

An affectionate parody of reality television shows, The True Housewives of Arkham sees players take on the roles of pregenerated ‘housewives’ instead of investigators, who find themselves embroiled in more than just the world of glamour and gossip they normally inhabit.

Featuring unique custom rules for ‘social situation encounters’ that simulate the often heated discussions amongst the housewives, the scenario is perfect as a one-shot and as a bit of light relief from darker, more horrific Mythos investigations.

The True Housewives of Arkham is available to purchase here.

Last Christmas

A festive oneshot inspired by a literal interpretation of the Christmas hit song by Wham.

Investigators discover a mutual friend has died under mysterious circumstances. Looking into what has befallen him, they uncover a web of secrets, lies and deception that point to evidence of a strange and terrible truth.

From the streets of downtown to a snowbound lodge in the mountains, can the investigators stop a spirit hellbent on vengeance before it brings about icy death and destruction?

Last Christmas is available to purchase here.

Edinburgh Diversions volume 1

A collection of six short ‘outline’ scenarios set in Edinburgh.

Each scenario is perfect for slotting into a larger campaign, or for playing when time is tight. They come complete with backgrounds & synopses, and NPC stats for the characters and creatures investigators encounter in the course of the stories.

Three are set in the 1920s, and three are set in the modern day. Although set in Edinburgh, they can easily be adapted to be set anywhere with the minimum of effort.

Edinburgh Diversions Volume 1 is available to purchase here.

The Edinburgh Files

You can also pick up The Pharaoh’s Sacrifice and A Red, Red Rose in this discount bundle here.

The Edinburgh 1920s Casebook

Or if you’re mainly interested in the 1920s classic era scenarios, this bundle features The Pharaoh’s Sacrifice and The Burry Man.