The Trinity Code 2.0 – Advanced Combat Example

Meet the agents The team consist of an Operative, a Dabbler and a CEO. All of them are new players.  There are two Karma points in the player’s Good Karma Pool. There are none in the GM’s Bad Karma Pool. The Operative has a pistol (harm-2, close medium), a rifle (harm-3, medium) and tactical armour […]

Trinity Code 2.0 – The CEO

The CEO You are the head of a successful company with a reputation for entrepreneurship and innovation. Your Company Your Company has the following characteristics (pick two positive and one negative). Positive Digital only Popular with young Popular with elite  Niche (pick one, or come up with your own): Military Medical Robotics / AI Space […]

The Trinity Code 2.0 – Professions

Operative An ex-member of a military, law enforcement or undercover organisation. Well-trained in combat, but with a strained and sometimes problematic relationship with their former employer. CEO The head of a company with a large amount of wealth and assets at their disposal. Has access to a headquarters, which may be a mansion, a laboratory, […]

The Trinity Code 2.0 – Karma, Luck and Harm

Karma There are two Karma Pools in The Trinity Code: Bad Karma (available to the GM), and Good Karma (available to the Players as a shared pool). At the start of an Investigation, both Pools are empty. The results of some moves can cause Karma Points to added to either Pool. Before dice are rolled […]

The Trinity Code 2.0 – Combat moves

Notes: Ranged weapons have an ammo value, which is reduced by 1 each time the weapon is fired. If ammo reaches zero and the player has spare ammunition, they must spend their turn reloading before being able to fire again Ranged weapons also have one or more of the following range tags: close, medium and […]

The Trinity Code 2.0 – The Operative

The Operative You are an ex-member of a military, covert or undercover organisation Inherited traits Your organisation has given you the following narrative traits (pick two positive and one negative). Positive Inside knowledge of military organisations Access to black market arms dealers A cover identity A commanding presence Friends in high places A safe house […]

The Trinity Code 2.0 – Sample Combat

Example combat An Operative is fighting an Assassin. Both are using bladed weapons with harm-1. They are both in the same range band (close quarters). The Operative is trained in Blades, so suffers no penalty from using their knife. The Operative has a flak jacket, armour-1, resilience-3 The Assassin has no armour. The Operative has […]

The Trinity Code 2.0 – Part 1

For The Trinity Code, you will choose a Profession from a playbook. This will give you information on your starting attributes, skills and gear. It will also describe some profession-specific moves only available to characters with that profession, as well as describing how you can upgrade your character once you gain experience. Characters have five […]


Districts of Darkenstone The Slop Poor housing, criminal gangs, cutpurses. Thugs for hire, gambling dens, slovenly taprooms. Dark alleyways, hiding dark deeds and darker secrets. Streets permanently slick from water running down from higher levels. The Slop’s original name is lost to time. The Circle Well-to-do dwellings, artisans and merchants arranged around a circular plaza, […]

Gaming like it’s 2016

I love XBox Game Pass, particularly it’s ‘day one release’ strategy, where many brand new AAA titles become available to download and play as soon as they’re out. That said, there are very few brand new AAA titles this year that I have been excited to play. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is […]

The return of the Fringe

Ten years ago, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe almost killed me. It was back when I was the co-owner of Edinburgh Spotlight, as well as the self-appointed “Arts Editor”. Partly because that gave me a press pass and access to review tickets, and partly because of my love of arts and culture in all their forms. […]

Roll with the punches

Role playing online during the pandemic It’s fair to say that living with Covid-19 has been at least a DC 30 challenge. Our gaming groups went from a familiar and enjoyable routine of meeting weekly in our local games cafe, to being in lockdown with no predicted exit. The shock was immediate, felt most sharply […]