Sketchbook #8

I feel like I’m definitely making progress after almost a month of study and practice.

Sketchbook #7

Theory, imagination plus reference.

Apple 4 Life

Though I wasn’t particularly overjoyed when my aging MacBook Pro shuffled off its mortal coil, its passing has marked the start of a new, much more connected era. After some chin rubbing and head scratching, I decided its place would be inherited by a Mac Mini. I reasoned that I seldom used the MacBook as […]

Sketchbook #6

Started anatomy studies as part of my digital art journey.

Photo 365 – Update

Even though some days I haven’t felt like it, and after over a week of being without my MacBook Pro (and therefore Photoshop, Lightroom and a reliable way to edit RAW photos from my Canon), I’ve managed to keep the ‘take and upload a photo every day’ project going. Even though, as predicted, my cats […]

Sketchbook #4

Whilst I wait for my shiny new Mac Mini to arrive, I am still fortunate that I can continue my digital art journey unimpeded thanks to my iPad, Apple Pencil and the wonderful Procreate. I’m still following Scott Harris’ Character Art School course on Udemy and I can see the progress that I’m making. My […]

RIP MacBook Pro

Quietly (well, rather noisily actually), at around 8.30pm last night, my aging MacBook Pro slipped gently into the night for the final time. It had been struggling for a few months now. Incapable of operating without the power lead giving it life support, its cooling fan sometimes sounded as though it was trying to lift […]

Digital art studio

Now that I’ve decided one of my intentions for this year is to focus on painting and drawing, I have been doing some research and stocktaking, and creating my digital ‘art studio’. The subjects I want to create artwork of fall into two main categories: Fantasy art, mainly character-based, for use in my TTRPG projects […]

Sketchbook #3

Sketching and inking from a reference image

Sketchbook #2

I’m doing the Character Art School Complete Drawing Course on Udemy by Scott Harris and finding it extremely useful and inspiring. Before learning about anatomy, expression, dynamism and composition in modern character imaginative art, Scott’s asked us to draw a character from imagination using our existing knowledge and skills. This is my attempt. I can […]


A well-versed way of ensuring you’re always keeping a photographer’s mindset active is embarking upon a ‘photo 365’ challenge or project. One shot, every day, no exceptions, no breaks. This year, I’m giving it a go. Now, with my newly rekindled passion for photography, I’ll be out with my grown-up camera in hand at least […]