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Dev diary – Adventurer log sheet

I’m making good progress on my ‘starter set’ for The Aether Throne, my steampunk ttrpg system.

It will consist of 3-4 pages of basic rules, an online Twine ‘tutorial adventure’ and a pregenerated adventurer for players to run through the scenario and familiarise themselves with the mechanics and setting.

The Twine adventure is about 60% complete, and I am about 80% complete with the digital Procreate portrait of Lady Jessica McAlpin, my pregenerated fortune hunter.

For the purposes of the starter set, I’m calling this adventurer log sheet, created using Affinity Publisher, as 95% complete.

Although not every item on it will be relevant to the tutorial adventure (Lady McAlpin knows no Aether or Science skills, for example), it contains everything else that a player will need to track their progress through The Butcher of Whitechapel, the tutorial adventure that sees Lady Jesscia McAlpin attempt to single-handedly put a stop to a crime kingpin in a shady and dangerous part of London.

I’m expecting this to ‘release’ on in early January, after which I’ll move on to developing the full ruleset, more worldbuilding, and starting a face-to-face playtest with one of my gamer groups.

Until then … look to the skies, citizen!

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