Edinburgh Lore

I am relishing viewing my hometown through the eyes of a Call of Cthulhu scenario designer. The city has legends, tales and stories everywhere you look, and it is a constant source of inspiration. Now that I am very much in the rhythm of creating scenarios, I am working on a side-project, a book of […]

Edinburgh Cthulhu inspiration

It’s everywhere you look. Well, everywhere I look at least.

So, I Wrote My First Adventure

I’d heard pretty good things about Storytelling Collective’s Write Your First Adventure (WYFA) course. It promised to give you all the guidance, tips and motivation to create a scenario for a tabletop roleplaying game in 30 days. It did that. And it did a lot more (for me, at least.) It has successfully reignited my […]

Character Creation

Three months of study, training and practice is paying off. Whilst still far from perfect, I’m pretty happy with this Procreate illustration, intended as one of the chapter spreads for my Trinity Code role playing game system. Probably about 10 hours’ effort in this one, maybe a little less. It feels good to create something […]

MMOs – When games become hobbies …

Two games from my past had a profound impact on me, both appealing to my love of fantasy and of RPGs. One, obvious. Final Fantasy 7. Totally seminal, totally unlike anything I had ever played before. And a story that was, for all its little blocky anime trappings, profound in the extreme. The other, a […]

The metaphysical loop of Elden Ring

I am spectacularly rubbish at Elden Ring. After around 8 hours with it, I’ve already died more often than in an entire playthrough of Skyrim, and mostly at the hands of the relatively weak starter region enemies. Every time I set off from a place of relative safety, I end up being chased by a […]

Mate in 2022

I remember getting a teach yourself chess book for Christmas when I was a kid. It was filled with fantasy art illustrations of brave knights battling evil queens, rows of brave pawns holding the line against advancing bishops, and cowardly kings hiding behind the walls of their castles. It immediately appealed on at least three […]

Digital art studio

Now that I’ve decided one of my intentions for this year is to focus on painting and drawing, I have been doing some research and stocktaking, and creating my digital ‘art studio’. The subjects I want to create artwork of fall into two main categories: Fantasy art, mainly character-based, for use in my TTRPG projects […]

Letting the spark go

And so yet again I find myself in the deepening shadows cast by the guttering candle of another year, wondering how strong the light of the next one will shine. I’m old now. Or older, at least. And with that age has come something that others (kind others) might refer to as wisdom, or something […]