Playing the Game(s) – TTRPG plans for 2023

A significant amount of my free time is spent creating ttrpg scenarios, systems and products, but a chunk of that is always carved out for actually playing them too.

I’m an eternal GM (through choice – call it my control freak nature if you wish…), and I generally try and maintain four separate groups, each one running fortnightly.

For 2023, my plans and intent are to focus these four sessions as follows.


I love Starfinder, and I also love the setting and lore that Paizo have created. I also really like Pathfinder 2E, but my plans don’t allow for both to be run, so I have to choose one.

And I choose Starfinder. It’s space operatic blend of sci-fi and fantasy is right up my street, and the ruleset – though crunchy – is intricate and well-balanced.

My plans are to run a sandbox style campaign, using the rules and guidance in the Galaxy Operations Manual (and probably some inspiration from Shaun Tomkins’ Starforged) as well, to create a game that has the vibe of Firefly and The Mandalorian.

With space hamsters.

I love the space hamsters.

System smorgasbord

One of my gaming groups love new systems and settings. Fortunately so do I.

With this group, I plan to run a wide range of different systems and settings, with one-shots and starter sets allowing us to sample a diverse range of games and universes.

Front-runners here are Runequest, Mork Borg, The One Ring and Bladerunner, though I’ll keep the focus here fairly loose so we can jump around to whatever takes our fancy.

This idea is also my justification / excuse for purchasing several new rulebooks …

Call Of Cthulhu

There will always be CoC. I love this system, its premise and its ability to depict (with some tweaking) any period and any location of human history.

I’m writing a ten-scenario campaign based in my hometown of Edinburgh, as well as odd (sometimes in a literal sense) oneshot here and there.

This group is focused on those: playtesting and helping me hone the scenarios into products I can then distribute on the Miskatonic Repository on DriveThruRPG.

You can find the titles I’ve released so far here – the next ones are in production, and in the process of being playtested by one of my favourite and most diverse gaming groups ever (thanks Dhileas, Marco, Nona and Miranda)…

The Aether Throne

Anyone reading my blog over the past few weeks will know I’m designing my own steampunk ttrpg system and setting.

One of my groups (the most patient and understanding one …) has volunteered to help me playtest it.

Soon, they will be stepping into the shoes of daring fortune hunters, weird scientists, aether-wielding mystics and more and taking to the skies of my alt-Victorian supernatural steampunk setting.

And I can’t wait…

Bring it on

I’m looking forward to 2023’s plans immensely. There will be variety, diversity, fun and – now we’re playing in-person again – french fries.

It’s shaping up to be a good gaming year…

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