Twitter Flash Fiction

A collection of flash fiction stories from my Twitter, based on some random old photos in my library…

Elsie and the Swan

Every year, this day, this bench, since his passing. He’d loved feeding the birds. She’d always been a bit scared of them, especially the big ones.

Neck arched down, he turned back to the water. Perhaps next year she’d look into his eyes and let him take her home.


At midnight parties, they dare and scare each other.

They say her name three times. Giggling, most of them, they slide a glass across the board, seeking answers they are afraid to know.

She watches them. She hears them. See waits.

She will see them, soon enough.

Four Minutes

There was a storm coming.

It had been Nic’s idea, the picnic. She’d prepared it, taken hours to make sure everything was just right. Mary had agreed; Susan had come round to the idea in the end.

‘Nice day for it,’ she said.

The sirens drowned their laughter.

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