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Dev Diary – The Aether Court

The Aether Court are god-like race of otherworldly entities who have begun to take a more active interest in humanity. Scientific advances threaten to blur the lines between the unknowable mysteries of the Aether and the laws of the universe, piercing the veil that the Aether Court previously moved behind, unknown and unseen by all but a few gifted souls.

In The Aether Throne, there are twelve ‘courtiers’, a King, Queen and Knave corresponding to the four suits in a deck of playing cards. Each suit (or ‘Court’) is aligned to a broad area of influence, and each courtier within to a specific portfolio of powers, effects and boons.

In the game, the courtiers grant invocations to adventurers who pay tribute to them. In the planned campaign for the game, the courtiers become powerful NPCs that will aid or interfere with the adventurers’ plans.

This is a draft of the first courtier I’m working on (accompanied by a draft ‘art nouveau’-style sketch of them.)

Naya, the Queen of Hearts

Also known as:
The Flower Queen; Goddess of the Coral Shore; Queen of the Faerie Folk; The Daughter of Taris
Minaya; Freyanya; Bronnawyn

Spouse: Yris, King of Hearts

Known affiliations / dalliances:
Saris, Queen of Diamonds; Jotyn, Knave of Clubs

Known enemies:
Mir, Queen of Spades

Area of influence:
beauty, love, fertility

Tributes accepted:
acts of love; offerings of flowers; children named after her; ritual consensual coupling

Invocations granted:
Naya’s Embrace, Love Not War, Soothing Touch, Lovers’ Boon

Naya grew from a single cluster of rose coral on the furthest shore of Ydril, the Eternal Sea. Taris the Mother Star shone down upon her, warming the coral and giving it life. The tides of Ydril lapped at Naya’s brittle body, warming and softening and smoothing it until she awoke, naked and unabashed at the edge of the Veil.

She gazed forward and looked upon the world of humanity, seeing its potential for goodness, grace and love. She looked behind and saw Yris, standing tall and handsome and proud, arm outstretched. Turning from the Veil, she placed her hand in his and joined him in the firmament, shining almost as bright as Taris herself. And the world beyond the Veil rejoiced at their love.

Yet Naya never forgot the faces of those she had glimpsed beyond the Veil. She swore a secret oath that she would come to the aid of those who showed an understanding of her life, her beliefs, and of the purity of her love.

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