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Dev diary – Professions

One of the most important parts of The Aether Throne is the list of professions that players can choose when creating their adventurers. These range from fortune hunters to inventors; mystics to skyship pilots.

Each profession has a starting set of skills they are trained in, as well as a starting ability that sets them apart from others. And each has an advancement table, where they gain improvements, abilities, talents and more as they progress.

This is the current draft for the Fortune Hunter profession. There would be another page listing the mechanics of the profession’s abilities (Favour the Brave, Flashing Blade, Fleet of Foot, etc), but I’m relatively happy with how this is looking for now.

Obviously, there are a lot of other rules and mechanics hinted at here (like the equipment tags and those mysterious talents and hero points), but my aim is that a profession ‘handbook’ ends up being no more than three pages in length (even the slightly more complicated ones, like the Mystic and Inventor).

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