Careful what you Tweet for – The Real Housewives of Arkham



It’s not the first time.

An idle tweet, made in jest, which ends up firing some overactive part of my imagination and results in something actually seeing the light of day.

The last time it happened was when someone on Twitter asked me if I only wrote horror, to which I replied that I also liked fantasy and sci-fi and that maybe one day I would write a game melding all three genres together and then two days later I’d written and released The Last Voyage of the Seedbearer

A few days ago, I wrote this tweet:

Now, I’m about halfway through the first draft.

What have I done?

Sure, this is firmly tongue in cheek. But it’s also a heckuva lot of fun.

Whilst it may be (may be) a lot shorter than my other Call of Cthulhu scenarios, I’m actually spending quite a lot of time on it.

It will feature pre-gen characters, inspired by the likes of Sonia, Luanne, Candi, Erica and the rest (I was being honest in my tweet, I actually do love watching these shows).

It will also include scenario-specific rules for what I’m currently calling ’social situation encounters’, where the housewives periodically break into major arguments about random things, which can end up altering their skills and character-specific attributes (such as their ’Influence’.)

Each pregen has a Friendship skill with each of the other housewives, which can aid (or hamper) their ability to assist each other. They also have skills like throw shade and stay in lane which replace the usual fighting, dodging and brawling combat moves.

It gives the scenario a slightly PvP vibe, and introduces a rather peculiar concept where the housewives might end up succeeding despite themselves, rather than down to their collaborative investigative abilities.

That said, at its core, there is still Cthulhu-inspired mystery at this one’s heart. There are clues, handouts, Sanity-shaking shocks and moments of horror and despair aplenty.

I can however assure you that no cute little handbag dogs will be harmed in the course of the scenario …

I am doing my damnedest to get this one out for Halloween. Stay tuned to my Twitter for further updates …

I am also well aware that the current title may infringe copyright etc, so fully expect it to launch as The True Housewives of Arkham or something of that ilk instead.

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