Trinity Code 2.0 – The CEO


You are the head of a successful company with a reputation for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Your Company

Your Company has the following characteristics (pick two positive and one negative).


  • Digital only
  • Popular with young
  • Popular with elite 
  • Niche (pick one, or come up with your own):
    • Military
    • Medical
    • Robotics / AI
    • Space
  • Family business
  • Ethical


  • Poor working practices
  • Unpopular / no longer popular with young
  • Unpopular / no longer popular with elite
  • Infamous for negative reasons (pick one, or come up with your own):
    • Previous CEO was arrested 
    • Product is popular with the criminal fraternity
    • Was at centre of a tabloid scandal

Company Performance

Your Company has a Performance attribute that represents its overall reputation, profit or loss, and success. Your Company starts with a Performance of 0.

Performance is used as a modifier or is referenced in some of the other CEO moves.

You have the run company move, which you must make at the start of every Investigation. Roll +Smarts:

  • On a 6 or less: you do something that negatively impacts the Company. Your Performance reduces by 1 (minimum -1). If your Performance was already -1, you must pick another negative narrative trait for your Company from the list above
  • On a 7-9: you manage things competently. Your Performance remains unchanged.
  • On a 10+: your actions have a positive impact on the Company. Your Performance increases by +1 (maximum 3). If your Performance was already 3, you can pick another positive narrative trait for your Company from the list above.

Choose two of the following to gain in addition to the standard moves and the run company move:

  • You are a shrewd leader – add 1 to your Company’s Performance
  • You are a domain expert. When you are faced with a situation that is related to one or more of your Company’s areas of expertise, you can add Performance as a modifier to an investigate move that you make.
  • Your Company’s research and development division gives you access to advanced gear
  • You know how the world works: +1 Smarts (maximum 3)
  • You can make a call to colleagues at your Company to help you out. When you make a call, roll +Cool and add your Performance modifier. On a 10+, your colleagues help you out and your group gains a +1 modifier to its next move. On a 7-9, your colleagues provide assistance, but only to you: you gain a +1 modifier to your next move. On a 6 or less, your request upsets your colleagues and your Company’s Performance is reduced by 1.
  • You can use your status when making an attempt to influence people. You can add your Company’s Performance as a modifier to the result of an influence move that you make
  • Once per investigation, if your Company’s Performance is 3, you can pull strings to bypass any challenge ranked as moderate or lower.

Your headquarters

You have a headquarters. This may be a company building, a laboratory, a private residence or another location that fits your character’s and Company’s narrative. Pick a location and type for your headquarters, and gain GM approval.

Your headquarters has one of the following facilities. More can be added as you gain experience. Those marked with a * are available only to you until you grant company privileges to your group. Each facility marked with a * may only be used once per Investigation, but there is no limit to the number of different facilities that may be used before an Investigation 

  • *Weapons lab: you can modify a single weapon before an Investigation to increase its harm rating by 1 (maximum harm-3). Its effects only last for the duration of a single Investigation
  • *Tech lab: you gain access to a gadget that grants a +1 to all +Wits moves for the duration of a single Investigation. Describe what the gadget is and how it helps.
  • Infirmary: whilst a character returns to your headquarters and rests in the Infirmary, their healing rate is doubled (they lose two points of inflicted harm every 24 hours instead of one)
  • Security: you and your group can return to your headquarters without risk of attack, interference or infiltration from any opponent or opposing force
  • *Research room: you gain a +1 bonus to all non-magickal moves that require you to roll +Knowledge for the duration of a single Investigation
  • Command centre: you can liaise with other organisations, factions and NPCs remotely in this facility, if they are able to do so. If you do so, you gain +1 to any influence moves made towards them
  • *Magickal sanctuary: you can meditate here to gain a +1 modifier to all cast magick moves that you make for the duration of a single Investigation
  • Containment unit: anything (or anyone) you place in the containment unit cannot be found, detected, freed or escape via any means, both physical and magickal
  • Mobile headquarters: you transform your headquarters, and all facilities currently located in it, into a mobile unit, such as a private airliner, a yacht, an armoured truck, or something else of your own design. Whilst your character has freedom of movement, you are never further than one hour from your mobile headquarters.

CEO training

You are trained in the following skills:

  • Tech
  • Charm
  • Intimidation
  • Knowledge of the world

You can select one additional skill to be trained in.

CEO gear

Take 2 of the following items:

  • Prototype smartphone – you are never out of network coverage
  • Red carpet outfit – you are able to gain access to events that others may struggle to enter
  • Gold card – as long as your Company Performance is 1 or greater, you will never need to worry about having enough money on your person
  • Bullet-proof vest, armour-1, threshold-4
  • Sedatives, consumable-2, calm-1

CEO themes:

Assign one of the following theme arrays to your starting Power, Quickness, Smarts, Knowledge and Cool

  • The genius : 0, +2, +2, -1, 0
  • The socialite: 0, -1, +2, 0, +2
  • The philanthropist: -1, 0, +2, +1, +1 
  • The maverick : 0, +1, +2, -1, +1


You have 8 Luck points. Once you spend all 8 points you are out of luck and your Company goes bankrupt. You can no longer use Performance as a modifier in any of your moves.


Every time you roll 6 or less on a move, mark one experience point. Once you have marked 5 experience points, take one of the following improvements and reset your experience point counter.

Improvements (each improvement can only be taken once)

  • Take +1 Cool (max 2)
  • Take +1 Smarts (max 3)
  • Take +1 Knowledge (max 2)
  • Take +1 Quickness (max 2)
  • Take another CEO move from the list above
  • Take another CEO move from the list above
  • Choose another positive narrative trait from the list above
  • Take a move from another playbook
  • Take a move from another playbook
  • Add another facility to your headquarters
  • Add another facility to your headquarters

Advanced Improvements

After you have levelled up five times, you are able to take the following Advanced improvements in addition to those above.

  • Take +1 to any attribute (max 3)
  • Mark two of the standard moves as Advanced
  • Mark another two of the standard moves as Advanced
  • Add two additional facilities to your headquarters
  • Grant company privileges to your group. All players may now gain benefits from facilities in your headquarters that grant modifiers to moves.
  • Change this character to a new Profession
  • Retire this character safely from play

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