The Trinity Code 2.0 – The Operative

The Operative

You are an ex-member of a military, covert or undercover organisation

Inherited traits

Your organisation has given you the following narrative traits (pick two positive and one negative).


  • Inside knowledge of military organisations
  • Access to black market arms dealers
  • A cover identity
  • A commanding presence
  • Friends in high places
  • A safe house in most cities
  • The ability to speaks most major languages
  • Access to all weapons (requires pardoned)
  • Access to hi-tech gadgets (requires pardoned)


  • Reluctance to disobey authority figures
  • On an enemy organisation’s hit list
  • Never take prisoners policy
  • Disregard for civilians

If your actions contradict your chosen traits during play, the GM may impose a negative modifier to a move, based on the narrative.

Operative moves

Choose two of the following to gain in addition to the standard moves:

  • When you stand ground, you can use +Cool instead of +Power
  • If you are not ambushed or surprised at the start of a fight, you can size up the situation. Roll +Quickness. On a 7+, you have Advantage 
  • You have backdoor access to the knowledge network of your former organisation via a contact. At the start of an investigation, you can gather intel to gain +3 intel. You can spend a point of intel to give you +1 on any non-combat move. Each time you do so, roll +Cool. On a 6 or less, your communication is intercepted. Mark a box on your rogue track. When your rogue track is full, the gather intel move is no longer available to you and you become hunted-1. Rogue: 5 point-track
  • Once per combat, when the enemy has Advantage you can seize the advantage. You take no harm, nor do you inflict harm on the enemy. You gain Advantage for your next combat move.
  • You have been trained in specialist espionage techniques: +1 Cool
  • You have access to a vehicle. It can be one of the following:
    • Car: passengers-4, speed-2, damage-6
    • Van: passengers-8, speed-1, damage-12
    • Motorcycle: passengers-1, speed-3, damage-4
  • You have special weapons and tactics training. You can use Small firearms at close quarters range without the normal -1 modifier
  • You are a ruthless fighter. You can activate a weapon’s critical effect as an additional option on a 10+ on toe to toe or open fire
  • If you are pardoned, you can request aid from your organisation to put in a request for assistance, gear, intel or backup. Roll +Cool. On a 10+, your request is granted. On a 7-9, your request is granted, but you have chanced your luck and cannot make this move again during this Investigation. On a 6 or less, your request is denied and you cannot make this move again until you do something to make amends

Operative training

You are trained in the following skills:

  • Blades
  • Small firearms
  • Large firearms
  • Explosives

You can select one additional skill to be trained in.

Operative gear

Take 3 of the following items:

  • Stiletto, harm-1, melee, critical-bleed-1
  • Pistol, harm-2, ammo-6, ranged
  • Rifle, harm-3, ammo-4, ranged, sights
  • Grenade, harm-4, consumable-1, ranged, thrown, splash-3
  • Bullet-proof vest, armour-1, threshold-4
  • Tactical armour, armour-2, threshold-6, obvious
  • Medkit, consumable-2, heal-2

Operative themes:

Assign one of the following theme arrays to your starting Power, Quickness, Smarts, Knowledge and Cool

  • The SWAT member : +1, +2, +1, -1, 0
  • The tactician: 0, +2, +1,  0, 0
  • The ghost: 0, +2, 0, 0, +1
  • The lone wolf: +1. +2, -1, -1, +2


You have 8 Luck points. Once you spend all 8 points you are out of luck and an enemy you have made in the past comes calling.


Every time you roll 6 or less on a move, mark one experience point. Once you have marked 5 experience points, take one of the following improvements and reset your experience point counter.

Improvements (each improvement can only be taken once)

  • Take +1 Cool (max 3)
  • Take +1 Smarts (max 2)
  • Take +1 Knowledge (max 2)
  • Take +1 Power (max 2)
  • Take another Operative move from the list above
  • Take another Operative move from the list above
  • Choose another positive narrative trait from the list above
  • Take a move from another playbook
  • Take a move from another playbook
  • Be pardoned by your ex-organisation. Take pardoned.

Advanced Improvements

After you have levelled up five times, you are able to take the following Advanced improvements in addition to those above.

  • Take +1 to any attribute (max 3)
  • Mark two of the standard moves as Advanced
  • Mark another two of the standard moves as Advanced
  • Pull strings for your group – all players in your group can now make the request aid from your organisation move (requires pardoned)
  • Change this character to a new Profession
  • Retire this character safely from play

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