The Trinity Code 2.0 – Professions


An ex-member of a military, law enforcement or undercover organisation. Well-trained in combat, but with a strained and sometimes problematic relationship with their former employer.


The head of a company with a large amount of wealth and assets at their disposal. Has access to a headquarters, which may be a mansion, a laboratory, or even a secret facility.  Has to balance Investigations with the demands of their company and shareholders.


A well-known figure from the world of sport, entertainment or social media. Has a large following and is able to influence others, but finds it difficult to go about things unnoticed.


Someone who has begun to uncover the secrets of magick, though they are very much still an amateur. Likely to be studious and potentially socially awkward, but has the potential to unlock powers unavailable to others.


Someone who has dropped – or been forced – out of society. Tends to be a loner, but has strong survival skills in most environments. May choose to have an animal companion, with whom they share a bond.


Someone whose current or past activities have fallen on the wrong side of the law. Skilled in stealth and infiltration and with numerous underworld contacts, but are also likely to have made enemies along the way.


A character who prefers the company of machines to people. Analog, digital, mechanical – they understand and are able to operate and fix most things. They may be a hacker, a mechanic or an inventor and have access to a signature item that helps them in their chosen field.


Someone who has a broad and deep understanding of most things, and a specialist knowledge in at least one area. Years of study have likely resulted in them being less physically adept than others, but their ability to find, recall and deduce information is unlike any other profession’s.


The man or woman next door. An ordinary person, with an ordinary job and family life, they have found themselves caught up in something they can’t explain. Luckier than some, they also have average skills and attributes, and are generally speaking neither strong nor weak in any particular area.


This character prefers action rather than words. Proficient in melee combat and with an intimidating presence, they may have been hired muscle, a bodyguard or merely someone who has devoted their life to strength and fitness. 

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