The Trinity Code 2.0 – Advanced Combat Example

Meet the agents

The team consist of an Operative, a Dabbler and a CEO. All of them are new players. 

There are two Karma points in the player’s Good Karma Pool. There are none in the GM’s Bad Karma Pool.

The Operative has a pistol (harm-2, close medium), a rifle (harm-3, medium) and tactical armour (armour-2, threshold-6).

They have Power 1, Quickness 2, Smarts, 1, Knowledge -1, Cool 0

They have chosen the size up the situation and special weapons and tactics moves.

The Dabbler has a healing potion (consumable-2, heal-2) and is an Acolyte (level 1) in the Aspect of Sol.

They have Power -1, Quickness 0, Smarts 2, Knowledge 2, Cool 0

They have a talisman with charges-1 and have chosen the summon a magickal ally move, which they have not yet made this Mission.

The CEO has a bullet-proof vest (armour-1, threshold-4) and has obtained an advanced riot baton by having selected the research and development division move (melee, harm-1, stun on a 10+), They have also selected know how the world works, giving them a bonus to their Smarts attribute.

They have Power 0, Quickness 2, Smarts 3, Knowledge -1, Cool 0

Danger ahead …

During a Mission, they turn the corner in a secret facility at night to see three clones planting a bomb. The agents and the clones are at medium range from each other. Neither side yet has Advantage.

Two of the clones each have a harm-limit of 3, toughened skin (armour-1, threshold-infinite) and are armed with a a dagger (melee, harm-1, bleed)

The clone leader has a harm-limit of 5, has toughened skin (armour-1, threshold-infinite) and is armed with a rifle (harm-3, close, medium) and a dagger (melee, harm-1, bleed)

Beat one

The GM announces the start of the first combat beat. As they do, the Operative states they wish to size up the situation first. The GM permits this, and the Operative rolls +Quickness. They roll a 1 and a 3, and add their Quickness of 2, giving a total result of 6 – a fail. They mark a point of experience for the failure and consult the move reference in their playbook – the enemy now has Advantage. They describe how their efforts to assess the enemy resulted in them giving away the agents’ position, and the GM announces that the combat has begun.

The agents now consult each other on what they want to do. The GM describes how the clone leader is about to open fire. The CEO expresses a desire to take cover, but the Operative is confident – their armour and weaponry should help them considerably, so they state they will make the open fire move. The Dabbler reckons this is a good time to summon some help.

The agents agree to let the Dabbler attempt to summon a magickal ally first. She considers using her talisman’s charges-1 to power up the creature she is about to summon, but decides that might be best kept in reserve. The move requires a standard cast magick move, which she makes with +Knowledge, -1 for the enemy having advantage.

She rolls a 6 on 2d6, then adds +2 for her Knowledge and -1 for the enemy Advantage – a success – just. As the agents didn’t have Advantage, the ‘you lose Advantage’ effect of the 7 result is ignored and the Dabbler’s spell works.

As they’re out of public view and inside a facility, she chooses to summon a magickal creature, describing how a fiery phoenix materialises in front of her, with harm-1, armour-1 threshold-1. She will be able to command it using the get’em move from the start of the next combat beat.

The GM describes how the clone leader has opened fire, prompting the CEO to take cover. He rolls a 7 on 2d6, adding his Quickness of 2 and subtracting 1 for enemy Advantage – an 8.

Unfortunately for him, the move states that on an 8 he takes harm from one of his opponents. As only one was firing, this is the clone leader, who hits the CEO with its rife for harm-3. Their bullet proof vest soaks up 1 point of harm, and its threshold is reduced by 1 to threshold-3. The remaining 2 points of harm are applied to the CEO. 

The one saving grace is that the enemies have now lost Advantage as a result of the CEO’s partial success.

The Operative returns fire, making the open fire move with their rifle and targeting the clone leader. He rolls +Quickness, with no modifier for Advantage as neither side possesses it.

He rolls an 8 on 2d6 and adds his Quickness of 2 – a 10. He hits the clone leader. As the clone leader has already fired this beat and neither of the other two clones are in the same range band as the Operative, no opponent inflicts harm on him. He is therefore able to apply his harm of 3 to the clone leader, whose toughened skin absorbs 1 point, leaving 2 harm to get through. The clone leader has a harm-limit if 6, so is a third of the way to being defeated.

The Operative’s success means the agents now have Advantage, and he also gets to choose an additional success effect. Seeing the CEO wounded and the Dabbler able to attack with her phoenix, he reasons that putting himself between the opponents and his fellow agents would be the heroic thing to do. He draws his pistol and moves one range band, placing himself amidst all three clones. His special weapons and tactics move means he doesn’t suffer the -1 modifier from using his pistol at close range, so he trains it on the leader and waits for the GM to announce the start of the next combat beat.

Beat Two

The GM does so and the agents come up with their plan of action. The CEO is gritting their teeth from their bullet wound and is more than happy for the Operative to take the fight to the enemy. The Dabbler is going to command her phoenix to move one range band too, meaning it will be able to join the fray. This CEO states they will help out the Dabbler’s get’em move. The operative plans to shoot the clone leader in the face…

Thanks to the Operative’s success on the open fire move last beat, the agents have Advantage. It’s a good time for the Operative to use that. He is going to aim at the clone leader, and will receive a +1 modifier for having Advantage.

He rolls a 4, and adds his Quickness of 2 and the Advantage modifier of 1. A partial success, thanks to that +1 Advantage and his special weapons and tactics training removing the normal -1 modifier from using a firearm at close range. He consults the aim move’s list, which tells him he inflicts harm, doesn’t receive harm, but that the agents lose Advantage. 

As he’s now firing with his pistol, he inflicts harm-2 with that. 1 point is absorbed by the clone leader’s toughened skin, meaning one gets through. The clone leader has now had three points of harm inflicted on them.

The CEO steps up next, offering words of support to the Dabbler. The agents no longer have Advantage, so there is no modifier to the roll.  The get’em move is made with +Cool. Both the CEO and the Dabbler have 0 Cool, so the move is a bit of a gamble.

The CEO rolls a 3 and a 6 on 2d6, giving a 9. That’s enough to grant the Dabbler a +1 on her get’em move, but the move states the CEO is now exposed to danger. The GM describes how the clone leader turns their gun on the CEO, and will open fire on them the next time they have Advantage.

The Dabbler goes next, commanding their phoenix to attack the clone leader with the get’em move. She has a +1 modifier from the CEO’s successful help out.

She rolls a 6, plus that +1, giving a 7. She chooses to command the phoenix to move one range band and attack the clone leader. Consulting the move’s description, she knows the clone leader will strike back, but will only be able to use their knife (harm-1) in melee. This will be absorbed by the phoenix’s armour, but its threshold will now be depleted. The phoenix’s harm of 1 will be totally deflected by the clone leader’s skin – she really needed a 10+ on the get’em move to have inflicted harm … or to have used her damn talisman.

The end of another combat beat. Neither side now has Advantage.

Beat Three

The Operative is going to continue to fire at the clone leader. The Dabbler is going to use get’em again, hoping for a better result. The CEO doesn’t want to risk messing up the Dabbler’s move, but realises he has a better chance of assisting the Operative. He’ll help out the Operative by trying to create a distraction using +Quickness.

The agents agree the CEO will go first. He makes the help out move, adding his Quickness to the result. He rolls 6, getting an 8 and a partial success. Enough to provide the Operative with a +1 to his open fire move, but now the GM rules that all three clones are going to target the CEO the next time they are able.

The Operative shoots again. He makes the open fire move, adding his Quickness. Disaster. He rolls a 3, and adding 2 to that for his Quickness and +1 from the CEO’s help out, but still only gets a 6. He doesn’t mark experience (only the first failure in a combat counts towards experience), and gets ready to face the consequences. 

He doesn’t inflict harm, but one of his opponents inflicts harm on him. As he is at close range, the GM rules that the clone leader tries to stab him. The dagger’s harm-1 is soaked up by the Operative’s tactical armour, but the armour’s threshold is now 5.

The opponents now have Advantage and the open fire result states that each enemy may also now move one range band. As the CEO has put themselves in danger twice now, the GM rules that all three now move towards him, meaning they are at close range with the CEO and Dabbler, and at medium range with the Operative and phoenix.

The Dabbler is last to act. She makes the get’em move again, subtracting 1 from the result as the enemies now have Advantage. She rolls an 11, which results in a 10. She moves her phoenix back, and chooses ‘do additional damage’ as her optional extra benefit. The phoenix slashes at the clone leader, whose skin only absorbs 1 point of harm, meaning it now has a harm inflicted total of 4, and the phoenix is unharmed.

Beat four

The fourth combat beat begins. The opponents have Advantage, and all three of them are bearing down on the CEO with their daggers. The Dabbler is now at close enough range to the clones to cast another spell: she states she will reach out and attempt to burn the clone leader with the ‘flame touch’ spell she has just created. The CEO braces himself, stating that he will try and stand ground, whilst the Operative switches weapons and trains his rifle on the clone leader.

The agents confer and agree it makes sense for the Operative to try and take out the clone leader first, then for the Dabbler to try and harm one of the other clones before the CEO tries to withstand their attacks.

The Operative makes the open fire move, modified by -1 as the enemies have Advantage. He rolls 7, plus his Quickness of 2, giving a total of 8. Enough for a hit. He targets the clone leader and inflicts harm of 3, reduced by 1 by the clone leader’s thickened skin. 2 harm still gets through though, which is enough to kill it. It drops to the ground, dead, its knife inches from the CEO’s throat.

The Dabbler weighs up her options. She knows that her level 1 spell will have no effect on the clone thanks to its armour. If she uses her talisman, she can cast the spell at level 2, meaning she’ll do 1 harm if it’s successful – not enough to stop it. She can’t use her phoenix on this beat as she’s about to cast magick, but she can – if she succeeds – use those 2 Good Karma Points to increase the harm of her spell to 4.  Sure, that means the GM will have some Bad Karma Points to use, but it would definitely down the clone and save the CEO from being overwhelmed.

She decides to risk it. She uses the charges-1 of her talisman to increase the power of her ‘flame touch’ spell, giving it harm-2 instead of harm-1. She gives the GM two Karma Points and increases that further to harm-4. The GM takes the Karma Points and adds them to his pool.

Now, the Dabbler makes her cast magick roll. The enemies have Advantage still, so she’ll suffer a -1 modifier.

She rolls a 9, plus her Knowledge of 2, minus the 1 for enemy Advantage. A 10!

The Karma Points and her talisman heighten the spell into a searing blast of flame that incinerates one of the clones, and she gains Advantage for the agents.

Although she can’t use her talisman again this mission, and the agents now have no Karma points, everyone agrees that was – quite literally – a blistering move.

The CEO now tries to stand ground against the remaining clone’s attack. Though the enemy no longer have Advantage, they did when the CEO stated what move they were going to make, so the move still stands. 

The CEO now gets a +1 thanks to Advantage, and rolls +Power.

They roll a 6, plus their Power of 0, but add 1 for the Advantage created by the Dabbler. A 7.

They suffer harm from the clone’s dagger, but luckily that’s absorbed by the CEO’s bullet proof vest (though that now only has a threshold of 2). Advantage is not changed, and remains with the agents.

Beat five

The GM announces the start of a new combat beat.

Sensing victory is close, the Agents discuss tactics. The agents have Advantage. The Operative’s rifle will do significant damage to the clone if he hits, so it makes sense for him to open fire again, safe in the knowledge the clone can’t retaliate from that range.

The Dabbler has used her talisman and knows neither her level 1 spells nor her phoenix will harm the clone unless she rolls really high. Her Sol magic has no healing properties, so she can’t heal up the CEO. She could however try to cast magick that would create a positive environment tag, giving a +1 bonus to both the Operative and the CEO.

She waits to hear what the CEO will do. He’s facing a clone and reckons his best plan is to press home against it, now that the agents have Advantage. He has a reasonable chance of being able to stun the clone with his advanced riot baton, so everyone agrees that’s worth a try.

The Dabbler goes first. She is going to attempt to create the environment tag blinding-light-1 around the clone’s head. She’ll need to touch it to do so (the maximum range of a level 1 spell), but if she succeeds, the CEO and the Operative will get +1 to their move results until the start of the next combat beat.

She has Advantage, so gets a +1 to her roll. She rolls +Knowledge and gets a 10, plus 2, plus another 1. 13! She creates blinding-light-1 around the clone’s head and the agents still have Advantage.

The Operative chooses to open fire. He rolls a 5, plus 2 for his Quickness, plus 1 for Advantage, plus 1 from blinding-light-1. A 9. 

He inflicts his harm-3, 1 point of which is absorbed by the clone’s skin. The clone isn’t at range to retaliate, so the clone now has harm-inflicted of 2. One more harm and it’s dead…

The CEO steps forward, swinging his baton. He tries to press home, rolling +Power, adding +1 for Advantage and another +1 for blinding-light-1. He rolls 8, which gives a total of 10!

He takes no harm from the remaining clone and is able to choose an extra effect for his success. His baton normally does 1 harm, so he naturally chooses ‘you do additional damage’, giving his attack harm-2. The clone absorbs 1 point of that, but the remaining point is enough to kill it outright. Victory!

Onwards …

The GM declares the combat over. The Dabbler’s blinding-light-1 expires, but her phoenix is still alive, as are – more importantly – all three agents.

The CEO has harm-inflicted-2 and his bulletproof vest now only has a threshold-2.

The Dabbler is unharmed, but her talisman charges are spent, and her phoenix now has no armour (its threshold was reduced to zero by one of the clone’s attacks.

The Operative is also unharmed, and his armour was only reduced to threshold-5. The other agents shake their heads at him as he starts talking – yet again – about how important combat training is.

The Dabbler uses half of her healing potion to restore 2 points to the CEO, reducing her healing potion from consumable-2 to consumable-1The CEO now has a harm-inflicted of zero – good as new.

The Operative makes the patch it up move to try and fix the CEO’s bullet proof vest. The agents are out of combat, so Advantage no longer applies. The Operative rolls +Quickness and gets a total of 7. That only fixes armour if it’s completely ruined (threshold-0), so he doesn’t succeed. The CEO then gives it a try, rolling +Quickness and getting a total of 10, increasing his armour to threshold-3. Everyone laughs when he reminds the Operative how important repair training is …

The GM smiles, eyeing those 2 Karma points in the Bad Karma Pool. He knows that the clones were nothing compared to what lies ahead for the agents and though they demonstrated some clever and inspired tactics, they’ll surely need everything they’ve got to get to the end of this mission …

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