RIP MacBook Pro

Quietly (well, rather noisily actually), at around 8.30pm last night, my aging MacBook Pro slipped gently into the night for the final time.

It had been struggling for a few months now. Incapable of operating without the power lead giving it life support, its cooling fan sometimes sounded as though it was trying to lift off into space.

A couple of days ago, it randomly shut down, then went into a spiral of constant rebooting. After cooling and calming down a little, it made it through the weekend, even if it did start wheezing and whirring every time I opened Photoshop.

Last night, it was Instagram of all things. Adding to my digital art reference boards was just too much for my Mac to cope with. It sputtered. It whined. It shut down.

And never came back.

Onwards and upwards

Though it’s fair to say I’m still in a period of mourning, I am already looking to the future.

I’m lucky in that I can continue my writing (thanks Scrivener for iPad and Dropbox) and my digital artwork (merci Procreate), but I don’t have a solution now for photo work using Lightroom, Photoshop, Luminar and other plugins. Or GarageBand. Or Roll20. Or a whole host of other things I won’t realise I can’t easily do til I try and do them.

I never really used my MacBook as a mobile device (especially as it always needed to be plugged in) and my monitor is still pretty decent, so I am poised to order a Mac Mini.

It looks to be very fast, capable and powerful, so will cope admirably with everything I can throw it (large RAW file processing, dynamic watercolour brushes in Rebelle, etc etc).

So I have seen the future, and it’s mini.

Meanwhile, a short service shall be held at 11am today for my MacBook. Family and friends only. No flowers.

Farewell, old friend. You served me well.

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