Digital art studio

Now that I’ve decided one of my intentions for this year is to focus on painting and drawing, I have been doing some research and stocktaking, and creating my digital ‘art studio’. The subjects I want to create artwork of fall into two main categories: Fantasy art, mainly character-based, for use in my TTRPG projects […]

Sketchbook #3

Sketching and inking from a reference image

Sketchbook #2

I’m doing the Character Art School Complete Drawing Course on Udemy by Scott Harris and finding it extremely useful and inspiring. Before learning about anatomy, expression, dynamism and composition in modern character imaginative art, Scott’s asked us to draw a character from imagination using our existing knowledge and skills. This is my attempt. I can […]


A well-versed way of ensuring you’re always keeping a photographer’s mindset active is embarking upon a ‘photo 365’ challenge or project. One shot, every day, no exceptions, no breaks. This year, I’m giving it a go. Now, with my newly rekindled passion for photography, I’ll be out with my grown-up camera in hand at least […]

Sketchbook #1

Tracking my digital art journey through warm-up and practice exercises.

Letting the spark go

And so yet again I find myself in the deepening shadows cast by the guttering candle of another year, wondering how strong the light of the next one will shine. I’m old now. Or older, at least. And with that age has come something that others (kind others) might refer to as wisdom, or something […]


Districts of Darkenstone The Slop Poor housing, criminal gangs, cutpurses. Thugs for hire, gambling dens, slovenly taprooms. Dark alleyways, hiding dark deeds and darker secrets. Streets permanently slick from water running down from higher levels. The Slop’s original name is lost to time. The Circle Well-to-do dwellings, artisans and merchants arranged around a circular plaza, […]