Districts of Darkenstone The Slop Poor housing, criminal gangs, cutpurses. Thugs for hire, gambling dens, slovenly taprooms. Dark alleyways, hiding dark deeds and darker secrets. Streets permanently slick from water running down from higher levels. The Slop’s original name is lost to time. The Circle Well-to-do dwellings, artisans and merchants arranged around a circular plaza, […]

Gaming like it’s 2016

I love XBox Game Pass, particularly it’s ‘day one release’ strategy, where many brand new AAA titles become available to download and play as soon as they’re out. That said, there are very few brand new AAA titles this year that I have been excited to play. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is […]

The return of the Fringe

Ten years ago, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe almost killed me. It was back when I was the co-owner of Edinburgh Spotlight, as well as the self-appointed “Arts Editor”. Partly because that gave me a press pass and access to review tickets, and partly because of my love of arts and culture in all their forms. […]

Roll with the punches

Role playing online during the pandemic It’s fair to say that living with Covid-19 has been at least a DC 30 challenge. Our gaming groups went from a familiar and enjoyable routine of meeting weekly in our local games cafe, to being in lockdown with no predicted exit. The shock was immediate, felt most sharply […]

Here Be Selkies

Scotland has its fair share of fantastic beasts. And whilst everyone knows where to find (or at least look for) Nessie, there are a few lesser-known creatures that, to me at least, are no less iconic. And foremost amongst those is the selkie. A Scots version of the mermaid legend, the selkie is an understandable […]

Why I play games

“Aren’t you too old for all that stuff?” It’s not a question I get asked daily, but it is a frequent one. Videogames (my XBox Series X is one of my most heavily-used possessions), tabletop role-playing games, and boardgames. It’s fair to say a large chunk of my non-creative free time is spent fiddling with […]