Districts of Darkenstone

The Slop

Poor housing, criminal gangs, cutpurses. Thugs for hire, gambling dens, slovenly taprooms. Dark alleyways, hiding dark deeds and darker secrets. Streets permanently slick from water running down from higher levels. The Slop’s original name is lost to time.

The Circle

Well-to-do dwellings, artisans and merchants arranged around a circular plaza, fountains. Train and sky station. Galleries, studios, museum. Heavy law presence.


Exotic restaurants, street markets and nightclubs, modest dwellings. Theatres and bars with entertainment. Brothels. Popular with the bored elite.


Cathedral of the Sisters of Shadow. Convent. Asylum and hospital. Shrines to the lost. Hillside cemetery, restless ghosts.


Industrial area, named after the towering chimneys belching thick smoke from the constantly burning leviathan oil. Factories and warehouses. Inventors’ workshops. Gunsmiths and steam-makers.


Trade district, merchant houses, bankers. Jewellers and high-class stores. Everything in Kryland available here at a price


Residential district, middle classes. Houses ripe for the picking. Medium law presence. Lots of secrets behind closed doors. Sky station.


Upper class district. Mansions and large estates. Guard dogs and patrols. Heavy law presence. You can smell the coin here. Exclusive restaurants and the Nimbus Lounge, an exclusive club, casino and bar.

Sky Harbour

Bristling with airship docking towers. Dock workers, deck-hands, pilots, hard-drinking bars. Tales of the war and of adventure, of marvels to be found in the skies above Kryland. Reeks of rotting skygrazer.

The Pinnacle

Home of the elite, including Empress Lilianne. Private security, no-one allowed here without a permit. Of all the secrets in Darkenstone, the most volatile are hidden here.

Notable points of interest and personages in The Slop

Mulligan’s Lament

A sizeable pub and dancehall. Mostly well-behaved clientele. An automaton that sings songs of the old country with the voice of an angel. Busy most nights, packed at weekends. Troublemakers quickly shown the door by the bouncers. Repeated troublemakers tend to ‘disappear’ 

Well Gotten Goods

Sundry items and gear. Goods bought and sold, no questions asked. Pawnbroker in back room, even fewer questions asked. Run by Old Man Sterling, a cantankerous elder with an augmented eyeball that can assess the true value of any object. 

The O’Flannegan Gang 

One of the main gangs in The Slop. Five disused train carriages in an abandoned rail yard. Armour plating, mounted gatling guns on the roofs. Reinforced glass windows.

Rosie O’Flannegan runs the gang from an opulently restored cabin in the central carriage. Notoriously cruel, she is the matriarch of the gang, all of whom are part of the same family. They chase the most dangerous jobs, and take assassination work, seemingly as a way to relax.

The Brunswick Gang 

Expert thieves and cat burglars. Gentlemenly personas. Rumoured to be nobility. Operate out of The Brunswick Club, an abandoned warehouse they’ve converted into a lounge and members’ club. Above board activities include their patronage of the arts, with the Club often being used as a venue for recitals and readings.

For all their wealth and opulence, no-one goes up against the Brunswicks, as they have a vicious streak and flay the skin from their enemies and use them as canvases for surreal works of art.

The Black Mansion

A heavily guarded structure, the Black Mansion is as much fortress as it is residence. It is the headquarters of the Syndicate, the confederation of crime family heads who decide the fate and fortune of many in The Slop. In this part of Darkenstone – and in many parts beyond – they are above the law. Rosie O’Flannegan is a member, as is Simeon Brunswick, the current leader of the Brunswick Gang.

Other notable members include Lucius Drake, the head of Darkenstone’s first assassin’s guild; ‘Black’ Jenny Flint, a retired sky pirate whose fleet used to menace the airways; and a figure known only as Viola, a female figure who wears a porcelain doll mask and never speaks. 

The Broiling Pot

A rowdy and ramshackle drinking den, The Broiling Pot is a dangerous place for anyone not able to hold their ground or hold their liquor. Source of many of The Slop’s more illegal jobs and openings, The Broiling Pot is owned by Max ’The Axe’ Riordan, a retired executioner from The Pinnacle.

The House of Passing Sorrow

Run by lay members of The Sisters of Shadow, the House of Passing Sorrow s a poorhouse, home to the most destitute souls of The Slop who have been made homeless or who are otherwise unable to support themselves.

Many an orphan  from the House has found themselves inducted into one of The Shackles’ many pickpocketing gangs, a fact the lay Sisters seem remarkably untroubled by.

Blood Alley 

Blood Alley is home to a collection of businesses and merchants associated with the leviathan meat industry. Tanners, skinners, butchers, bone merchants and one infamous establishment which distils the ethereal essence from the creatures’ hearts into a myriad of enhanced and enchanted trinkets, objects and tools.

Room Fourteen

A shared dormitory capable of sleeping six, in one of the less flea-ridden and rat-infested flophouses of The Slop.

It’s where you adventure begins.

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