The Dabbler

Crossing the Lines

Although my goals are now to create things for the sheer joy of it, there are a couple of places in my mindmap where the lines connect. The intersection of digital art and tabletop game creation is one such place. In fact, the inspiration for me to pick up a digital pen and tablet again […]

Sketchbook #10

Quite pleased with progress after a month of learning and practice.

Sketchbook #8

I feel like I’m definitely making progress after almost a month of study and practice.

Sketchbook #7

Theory, imagination plus reference.

Apple 4 Life

Though I wasn’t particularly overjoyed when my aging MacBook Pro shuffled off its mortal coil, its passing has marked the start of a new, much more connected era. After some chin rubbing and head scratching, I decided its place would be inherited by a Mac Mini. I reasoned that I seldom used the MacBook as […]

Sketchbook #6

Started anatomy studies as part of my digital art journey.